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Organic HTP Oil Solidifier Encapsulator

Now you can clean up oil spills and oil leaks with a fantastic development. Forget about conventional products and old fashioned methods that don't work and cost a fortune. Clean more oil with less hassle and disposal cost with HTP.

American Products Enterprises Corporation is the exclusive manufacturer of a product called HTP that will outperform any conventional absorbent product on the market.

Because HTP works by solidifying and encapsulating oil on contact, HTP will transform any type of petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact. You can sweep the spill away! No other type of product will react to oil like HTP, we guarantee it!

Not only will HTP solidify and clean up oil on hard and dry surfaces, but will clean oil spills on water, wet surfaces, on ice, on snow, in rainy weather, swampy environments, etc. Excellent for spill response in the field, on highways, medians, canals, waterways, troughs, near storm drains, etc. HTP works in any weather conditions on any surface and on any type of petroleum spill, large or small.

12 great reasons to use  HTP

  1. HTP is non-leaching for landfilling
  2. HTP is microbial
  3. HTP is water repellent
  4. HTP does not leak out what it absorbs
  5. HTP is economical because HTP is reusable
  6. HTP has a high BTU value for incineration
  7. HTP is non-carcinogenic
  8. HTP is nonabrasive
  9. HTP contains oil at the same time it absorbs
  10. HTP encapsulates oil not just absorbs
  11. HTP works by capillary action so there's 0% waste
  12. HTP is 100% organic
HTP is a sorbent material and consists solely of the materials listed in section 300.915(g)(1) of the NCP.

 has been

 EPA Approved


SEP 0 1 2009


Mr. Ed Corpora Vice President
American Products Enterprises Corp.
 P.O. Box 268 Woodstock, GA 30188

Dear Mr. Corpora:

We have received and re-reviewed the information you submitted on your company's sorbent "HTP." Our review indicates that this product meets the definition of a "sorbent" as specified in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), sections 300.5 and 300.915(g) of the National Contingency Plan (NCP). Based on this review, "HTP" is not required to be listed on the NCP Product Schedule. Please note the product clarifications listed below.

So that you may be prepared to provide On-Scene Coordinators with a certification as referenced in section 300.915(g)(4) of the NCP, the following statement should be reproduced, dated, and signed on your corporate letterhead: 

[SORBENT NAMEJ is a sorbent material and consists solely of the materials listed in section 300.915(g)(1) of the NCP.

Enclosed for your review is a copy of section 300.915(g) from the NCP. If you any have questions, please contact me at the Office of Emergency Management at (202) 564-1974 or Nick Nichols at (202) 564-1970.


Leigh E. DeHaven

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Regulation and Policy Development Division 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (5104A) Washington, DC 20460

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