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Organic HTP
Mfg. part #HTP18X2CU

HTP is a 100% organic, environmentally safe, and water repellent product that will turn any petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact. You can just sweep it up! HTP is made from a peat moss fiber that is screened to a smooth consistency then dehydrated. This makes it a natural encapsulator of petroleum products.

No more messy, sopping piles made from other products. HTP saves time and money.

Because HTP completely encapsulates the spill, it cannot spread or leak back into the environment. See more advantages or watch our CNN demonstration.

On Hard Surfaces
On Water
HTP cleans oil on hard surfaces Change This HTP cleans oil on water
HTP cleans oil on hard surfaces   HTP cleans oil on water
HTP cleans oil on hard surfaces Into this, instantly! HTP cleans oil on water

Documentation and Reports:

View the EPA approval letter or the MSDS for HTP.

Microbial Action, Leachability, BTUs, and TCLP laboratory reports available upon request.

HTP is a sorbent material and consists solely of the materials listed in section 300.915(g)(1) of the NCP.