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Organic HTP Nutrients

HTP Nutrients Helps Restore the Ecosystem

Proper biological activity is often a function of the nutrients available to sustain and develop healthy biological populations. HTP is designed to provide the essential micronutrients to supplement bacteria's basic metabolic needs. HTP fulfills the micronutrient need in both the aerobic and anaerobic environments. The components of HTP are all natural and non-processed, readily soluble components.

In waste treatment facilities and remediation applications where results are vital and nutrient deficiencies exist, HTP is proven at increasing and sustaining bacterial activity.

See HTP Nutrients composition.


  • Stabilizes biological populations in toxic and nutrient deficient conditions.
  • Reduces plant sensitivity to events which may otherwise cause upset.
  • Aids for smooth plant start up.
  • Controls foaming and bulking caused by nutrient deficient conditions.
  • Works in aerobic and anaerobic environments .

Success Stories:

Case History 1123

HTP Nutrients Helps Remove Factory Toxins

A Canadian pulp and paper mill was suffering from toxic loadings in an already overloaded system. Poor settling and high TSS numbers were only the beginning of their problems. The plant turned to us for help.

Our product was added on June 23rd, 2000 on a daily basis. TSS levels at the start of the program were up around 168 mg/l. The plant experienced a noticeable improvement on July 26th - only 4 weeks later. By the end of the 60 day trial, TSS levels had dropped to around 47 mg/l!

Case History 438

HTP Nutrients Helps Reduce Foaming and Slime

This Midwestern plant receives influent from various industrial sectors as well as some domestic waste. With consistently low Food-to-Microbe ratios (F/M), the plant was experiencing foaming problems and slime-induced bulking. This client was amazed at the results seen after only 10 days of using HTP nutrients. The nutrient formulation allowed his bug population to grow, dramatically improving plant operation.


Form: Free-flowing granular powder
Color: Dark Green
Specific Gravity: 0.7 g/cc

See HTP Nutrients composition.

Packaging: 1 or ½ lb water soluble pouches protected by a resealable overwrap. 25 lbs. per plastic pail.

Storage: DO NOT FREEZE! Store in a cool dry location. Do not inhale dusts, avoid excessive skin contact. SEE M.S.D.S.

Application Instructions: Application rates can be provided by a qualified Waste Water Specialist. Application rates and locations depend on plant type, type of deposits and wastes existing in the treatment operations and current biological conditions. Our general recommended guidelines are to use 1 lb. of HTP Nutrients to 1000 lb. BOD.

Custom Blends are Available!

HTP may also be blended with specialized micronutrients to meet customer specifications.