American Products Enterprises Corporation

Now you can solve the problem of oil spills and oil leaks with a fantastic product called HTP. Forget old-fashion products and methods that don't work and that take a lot of time to clean-up and at a high cost.

American Products Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of a product called HTP® that will outperform any conventional absorbent product on the market.
Because HTP reacts to oil by encapsulating oil on contact, HTP will transform any type of petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact. No other type of product will react to oil like HTP, we guarantee it!

Not only will HTP work with oil on hard and dry surfaces, but will do the same job with oil spills on grass, water, wet surfaces, on ice, on snow, in rainy conditions, in swampy environments, etc. Excellent for spill response in the field, on highways, medians, canals, waterways, troughs, near storm drains, etc. HTP works in any weather conditions on any surface and on any type of petroleum spill, large or small.

Best of all, you won't need various types of absorbents to clean-up oil or fuel spills. You only need one product, and that product is HTP!